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Our goal is to assist our client through the process of creating its own brand (Private Label). From design and manufacturing to finished product logistics solutions, we work with the best producers, graphic studios and industry technologists in Poland. We are able to offer customized solutions for our client’s Private Label without being limited by individual technical capabilities of any one manufacturer.


Here are the current selection of products we offer. We are adding additional products regularly, so please check this section for updates.

We also offer MARKETING MATERIALS for your goods, some examples of which you can see here.

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The company LORTH was established in 2010 after 10-years of experience in the Private Label beverage market, particularly in the energy drink market.


We are capable of designing a single product as well as line of products and can help choose specific manufacturers for each element. Working directly with flavor suppliers, we can build and customize the product per individual request.

Our company deals with control of the production for the client in each of the key stages manufacturing–starting from its packaging and any additional ingredients to the final bottling of beverages and verification of product compliance with the order before shipping to the customer.

We are able to deliver the product domestically or abroad in accordance with all export procedures.


Ludwik Orthwein is the owner of the company and he has worked in the beverage field since 2001.

Initially, he created graphic designs for packaging of dietary supplements and energy drinks.

Then, from 2002 to 2010 he worked as a Marketing Manager, Managing Director, CEO and Vice President of the company producing energy drinks– at that time the leading producer in Poland of PRIVATE LABEL for both canned and bottled energy drinks. He supervised the work in all areas of the company, but with particular focus on multi-site production, product technology, R&D, business contacts with clients, contacts with suppliers of components and packaging.

Since 2010 he has focused his efforts on his own business, bringing his expertise to others looking to produce PRIVATE LABEL products.



On the strength of our experience in the design and packaging, as well as in sales support, we decided to provide graphic design services as an independent part of our business.
Having established contacts among manufacturers of packaging and in the printing industry, we are able to optimize the process from concept artwork to the production requirements for the manufacturer/printer.

We work with one of the most successful package designer in the Polish market - Krzysztof Lichoń.


Very often the client knows wants a product of specific properties or that has similar characteristics an existing product on the market. Our experience allows us to present the concept of the product with both the flavoring and functional characteristics based on the client’s expectations. We work directly with the suppliers of mortars and other components, so we can create custom recipes to our client’s specifications and give then recommend an appropriate manufacturer.


If you are interested in the production of PRIVATE LABEL food or any other products, our company will help ensure cooperation between the producer and any foreign customers. Our company committed to ensuring every step in production from beginning to end.
Our database of manufacturers is constantly growing, which allows us to compare the capabilities, logistics and pricing on our clients behalf.